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Safety Comes First

CityWide Demolition and Excavation is a company that takes our safety very seriously. We pride ourselves on the abundant safety protocols and precautions on any job, big or small. We have a zero injury safety culture, based on the philosophy that job-related accidents and injuries are preventable. Additionally, all job site personnel are required to proactively address any potential hazards they may encounter.

Safety Regulations for all CityWide Employees entering a job site

Hard hats must be worn by all employees and no one will be permitted on site without wearing a hard hat. Persons that fail to wear their hard hats will be escorted off the site.

Specific types of foot protection (Steel Toe boots) must be worn. For example, if persons are working in cement or wet conditions the appropriate footwear would be gumboots.

Eye and face protection such as goggles, face shields, welding helmets must be worn at all times, where applicable to the job.

Hearing protection such as ear muffs or ear plugs must be used in the following situations. When using jack or kango hammers, angle grinders and explosive power tools.

Protective gloves must be worn by employees when handling or using cement, bricks, steel, chemicals, welding equipment, hammers and chisels, jack or kango hammers.

Suitable respirators must also be worn by employees when working with dry cement, hazardous chemicals, angle grinders, spray painters and when working in dry dusty areas.

Suitable safety belts or fall arrest equipment must be correctly used by persons working in or on unguarded and elevated positions.

Reflective Safety Vest and Long Pants be worn at all times