Demolition Contractor in Toronto

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We have been a leader among demolition and construction companies in Toronto for years and we take that very seriously.

For 17 years Citywide Demolition Ltd. has been he preferred demolition contractor in Toronto. With qualified professionals, high-end machinery and years of experience we have completed countless demolition jobs. We worked with both large and tall buildings both in the summer and winter; no matter what the structure is made out of we have the appropriate tools and skills to bring it down safely and quickly.

We have years of experience in the Toronto demolition industry.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have so many return customers, meaning we do things right; but we always seek for ways to improve our demolition jobs. Whether its getting the newest tools on he market or simply finding a more efficient way to clear a structure, we are always looking for ways to improve.

We offer exceptional demolition service, with our years of experience and top of the line equipment.

Over the years we have dealt with countless jobs, they each needed a unique approach to taking them down, and that’s where our experience comes in. By taking a unique approach with every building we are able to demolish the construction faster and safer then anyone else.

We offer many demolition services whether it be a small job or a large complicated structure, we can get it done.

We have experience in demolition, interior demolition, residential demolition, waste removal, waterproofing underpinning and excavation in Toronto. Many of our jobs are interior or residential demolition; meaning we, need to use special tools and tons of careful planning. We understand how important it is to have the structure demolished quickly so it doesn’t get in the way of your business or lifestyle, that’s why we plan ahead so our workers go in knowing what to do. This results in a fast and high quality job that isn’t even an inconvenience.

For us keeping the customer satisfied is everything, its what has made us and kept us as the top demolition company in Toronto.

We maintain our status of the top demolition company in Toronto by putting so much focus on customer service. We try to always keep our customers happy by having great customer service and always exceeding their expectations. We always take every customer recommendation into consideration and by doing so we have grown as a company. If you have any questions we would be more then happy to answer them. Please feel free to call us at 416-771-4758, or send us an email at